Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Thoughts on the Prius Part 6 - Final Word

This is the last of my six part series about my new Prius. I discussed some miscellaneous features about the car and then provide a final word.


I love the Smart Key feature that come on many Prius models. I never have to take the key out of my pocket to get in and out of the car.

The backup camera is a great feature, especially when backing out of a parking space between two SUVs or full size pickup trucks.

Backup Beep that sounds when every the car is put in reserve is annoying. There is a way to turn it off. However, my wife likes its, so I have to live with the beep.

The Prius now comes with side curtain airbags standard. This is a great safety feature, especially in Texas, where over half the vehicles are full size SUVs and pickup trucks.

Final Word

Prius is still a car that uses gasoline so it still has environmental impact. It's not perfect from an environmental standpoint. It needs to be manufactured. Steel, aluminum and nickel need to be extracted from the earth to for its manufacture. It may have much lower impact than most cars and trucks on the road but it is not zero. It think the Prius is a good first start to making cars with lower environmental impact. However there is much more work to do. I hope to see even better cars from an environmental perspective in the future.

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