Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Thoughts on the Prius Part 4 - Performance

The Prius is a good handling vehicle. I had to make a quick maneuver once on the freeway going 60 mph when a car tried to change lanes into me. The Prius provided a quick solid respond. I felt like I had the car completely under control during the whole maneuver.

The Prius has a very tight turning radius. Its great for get in and out of tight places and quick turn-a-rounds.

The acceleration of the Prius is excellent. The combination the gas and electric engines provide deceptive power. When accelerating hard, one doesn’t hear the engine roar in the same way a with a conventional gas engine. The acceleration seems more quiet and reserved but one look at the speedometer or the cars around you know, you are moving out quickly. Getting onto a freeway is no problem. Driving at freeway speeds and accelerating to pass is also no problem. Driving at 70 mph on the Interstate and accelerating to pass a tractor trailer truck quickly is no problem. I can quickly from 70 to 85 mph and feel like I still had a lot of engine in reserve.

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